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Theme: "The Hour of His Coming is at Hand, Let Us Unite!"
Matthew 24:38-46 

        Audio Announcement:

Dates and Times:  Wednesday, June 7 - Sunday, June 12
                                       Day Sessions - 10:00 AM 
                                       Evening Sessions - 7:00 PM 

Location:               Greater Harvest Apostolic Church
                                      2830 Creative Streeet 
                                      Montgomery, AL 36110
                                      Overseer David Powel, Pastor
                                      Church Phone: (334) 239-7731

Hotels:                   Soon... Click here for Hotel Details...

Ecclesial Attire and Colors: 
​     Opening Communion Day - White - Everyone

     Attire                         Ecclesial Title                  Color
     Suit                               Bishops                                 Robes
                                          Overseers                             Black
                                          Pastors                                 Grey
                                          Elders / Evangelists              Grey
                                          Ministers                               Black

     Shirt / Blouse                Bishop - Presider                  Red
                                          Bishop -  Asst. Presider        Fuchsia
                                          Bishops                                 Purple
                                          Overseers                             Black
                                          Pastors                                 Grey
                                          Elders / Evangelists              Grey
                                          Ministers                               White

     Clergy Collar                Bishops                                 White - Full
                                          Overseers                             White - Full
                                          Pastors                                 White - Full
                                          Elders / Evangelists              White - Full
                                          Ministers                               White - Tabbed

Ushers:                    Calling all Ushers! 

    We need your assistance ushering a designated session(s).
     We want to schedule so Ushers can enjoy too - so we need you.
     Please contact:  ...

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