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THEME: “Christ’s Extreme Sacrifice Calls for Our Extreme Commitment” 
II Corinthians 5:14-15

        Audio Announcement:

Dates and Times:  Wednesday, June 6 - Sunday, June 10
                                       Day Sessions - 10:00 AM 
                                       Evening Sessions - 7:00 PM 

Location:               Christ Temple Apostolic Church
                                       2308 E. Michigan Blvd
                                       Michigan City, Indiana 46360.
                                       Bishop Joe L. Bennett, Host Pastor
                                       Church Phone:  

Hotels:                   Soon... Click here for Hotel Details...

Ecclesial Attire and Colors: 
                                                                  ​     Opening 
                                                                                 Day                    Sunday
     Attire                         Ecclesial Title                  Colors               Colors
     Suit                               Bishops                                 Robes                  Robes
                                          Overseers                             White                    Black
                                          Pastors                                 White                    Grey
                                          Elders / Evangelists              White                    Grey
                                          Ministers                               White                    Black

     Shirt / Blouse                Bishop - Presider                  Red                      Red
                                          Bishop -  Asst. Presider        Fuchsia                Fushia
                                          Bishops                                 Purple                  Purple
                                          Overseers                             Black                    Black
                                          Pastors                                 Grey                     Grey
                                          Elders / Evangelists              Grey                     Grey
                                          Ministers                               White                    White

     Clergy Collar                Bishops                                 Full                       Full
                                          Overseers                             Full                       Full
                                          Pastors                                 Full                       Full
                                          Elders / Evangelists              Full                       Full
                                          Ministers                               Tabbed                 Tabbed

      Lay Members - White

License Assessments: 

     Bishops                       $100
      Overseers                   $  50
      Elders                          $  25
      Ministers &Teachers   $  15
      Deacons                      $  10

Choir:  Song selections for GGAF Convocation 2018.

My hope is built - (Timothy wright)
God is my everything. (Chicago mass)
You're amazing. (Ricky Dillard)
Since I laid my burdens down-(James hall)
Wonderful God.(Larry Trotter)
He is exalted (JJ Hairston)

Just trying to go with some songs that everyone may already be familiar with and won't be hard to catch onto.

We will need praise team members from each church ( that are willing) to help through out the meeting. 

Rehearsals are very very important due to the fact that we didn't come together before the meeting. 

Lets plan to remain after Friday night service and after Saturday morning session please. 

We are asked to sing Friday-(1. Selection. Saturday(2 selections)
Sunday-(2 selections) GGAF praise team.3

Attire for Sunday will be white pink & grey.

If anyone have any questions please contact me @ (205) 915-2663. Elder Jones

Ushers:                    Calling all Ushers! 

    We need your assistance ushering a designated session(s).
     We want to schedule so Ushers can enjoy too - so we need you.
     Please contact:  ...

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